Thursday, August 25, 2016

200th...thanks for sticking with me!

This is my 200th post...on this blog.  I don't know how to celebrate...yay!  That's good enough, no need to bring the house down or anything.

I started blogging when I was in High School.  I blogged on  I had several little accounts there ranging from my depressing poetry to my angsty teenage disgust for the world page.  I wish I still had access to those things, it would be interesting to see what I wrote.  As most youth do, I deleted them almost as fast as I wrote them.  I was embarrassed easily and afraid of what people would think of me.  Now, I openly express my bowel movements with people, and if you don't find an appreciation for it, well...that's your instead of editing this I'm just going to throw this out here.  I was curious to see if I was able to get onto my xanga account and I was...but in order to read my stuff I'd have to download a new form of xanga and jump through hopes lit on fire, sign my life away to a marshmallow, give an organ to an orange, eat something that resembles a sack of dolphins, and give a blood sample.  I wasn't at all interested in giving the blood sample so I backed out.  I guess I'll never know what secrets are contained in the deep recesses of my xanga page.  Happy 200th post everyone.

Balloons to celebrate my 200th blog! BE HAPPY!!!
 I'm starting school again on the 29th.  If everything goes according to plan...and it better, I will be graduating in a year and a half.  HAHAHA...that only took 10 years.  I mean literally, it will have taken me 10 years to graduate college by the time I'm done.  That's pretty pathetic if you ask me.  I mean, I did try and do every major available.  I'm not joking, if I knew it wouldn't cost me way too much money and way too much dignity, I'd never stop studying.  I want to study everything.  Now, to give myself some credit, I got married, had three kids, moved to three states (Arizona, Idaho, and then back to Utah), put my wife through college, became a phlebotomist, went to Culinary School, changed jobs several times, tried to go to school several times, moved more times than I have fingers...not really but it feels like it, bought a house, and pretty much did everything I possibly could do besides get my degree.  I didn't just sit on my butt.  I didn't let time slip by me and wonder what I was going to do.  I was busy.  I have a family to take care of, and up until now, didn't have the means to take care of them and go to school at the same time.  Even now, it's a stretch, but a stretch that I need to do.

 If you didn't know already, I'm going into English.  I'm a creative writing major.  I'm two courses shy of having my associates, and will have my bachelors by the end of 2017.  I intend on pursuing a masters degree, whether that's at Utah State or another University has yet to be determined.  I want to be an educator.  No, that doesn't necessarily mean that I want to stand in front of a group of students and instruct.  I believe that the term "to educate" has more meanings than "to teach".  Yes, I'd love to teach.  I'd love help others gain an appreciation for writing and its power and influence in everyday life.  But, I also want to educate people on their lives.  I want to help them see their purpose.  I want to help them see their value and their importance.  I want to help people realize their potential.  There are a lot of people close to me who refuse to move on with their lives simply because they don't have direction.  I want to help them find that path.  I want to place before them every outline possible and help them decide which path would help them be the happiest, or which path they'd like to start discovering first, in order to see if it's the one that they want to pursue long-term.  One of the reasons that it's taken me so long to finish my degree was that I was sort of shaken by what an advisor told me.  I had only been going for a few semester, and had been trying my hardest to get good grades.  But, do to some circumstances beyond my control, I wasn't able to maintain good grades.  I met with this advisor with hopes to enter into a major.  He sat down, looked at my transcript, looked at me, and flatly told me that I should drop out of school.  He told me that with my grades that I'd be better off not going to school at all and that sometimes, "the university isn't for everyone".

This semester seems to be the semester of English classes.  They will be heavy in the writing department.  I'm going to be writing on here a lot more than usual.  I'm not sure if anyone will read the posts, but that's not the purpose.  I'm doing it so that I can get into the habit again of writing, so that that my words will flow.  Also, so that I'll catch my errors...which I'm pretty sure I didn't catch in this post...which is fine because I didn't even look.  Also, so I can stop doing this (....) 



Caudle family said...

I read them and you are a good writer

michelle s said...

You are definitely good at putting thoughts into them all