Friday, August 26, 2016

Why are they always about food!

I usually listen to music when I post.  Today is not different, other than the music that I'm listening to is coming from my daughter who is trying to play the piano.  She stops every now and then, after jamming her cute little five year old fingers on several of the keys all at once, and tells me that her perfect song has made me the happiest daddy in the world.  She then turns around and starts to play again.  She sometimes adds lyrics, which oftentimes make no sense, but I can't help but think how creative she is being, and refuse to stop her.  There are days when I just want to tell her to go and do something else, but today isn't one of those days.  She is now asking me if I want to learn how to play like her.  She is definitely the next Mozart, right down to stealing the spotlight from Salieri.  She wouldn't let her brother play for more than a few seconds, and even after I told her that she needed to let him have a turn to play she forced her way in.  What a great composer she is, she will definitely go places.

Today, I had to opportunity to be the baker.  It's something that I look forward to with both anticipation and trepidation. I enjoy the break from the monotony of the room service line.  I like creating baked goods that I know that I know that I made.  There is something very satisfying about baking off rolls, cookies, breads, and pastries and having them turn out soft and beautiful.  But, it's stressful at the same time because everything in the bakery is made from scratch.  If you add too much or too little of something then you can ruin an entire batch of a product.  When you don't create things to the satisfaction of certain individuals they make sure to tell everyone how terrible you did, and then use that one example as insurance of the quality of all of your work.  There are some vicious individuals who aren't willing to look passed mistakes made in the past.  Today, was a good day.  I had a lot of time to be creative.  One of the things I like the most about the bakery is that I have the opportunity to show my creativity when I have my work done for the day.  I made some garlic knots, which everyone loved.  I then spent a few hours making some sweet rolls.  I have developed a sweet dough recipe over the past few years and was eager to see how my boss liked it.  I made a classic cinnamon roll, then made a white chocolate raspberry sweet rolls, and a coconut chocolate sweet roll.  They were soft and moist ( I hate that word).  They were rich and definitely deserving of a good milk shot.  If you had a chance to taste one of my rolls, what did you think?  Were they just nasty?  That's what I thought!!


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